There are many different ways to find out the battery's status. The most common and easy method is to view the battery status by tapping on the screen. But there are also those who believe that if you dig into the settings, you can find out the battery status by seeing a bar on the screen. If this is the case, then the point is not in the search, but in the bar itself. In any case, let's look at the methods and find out the status of the battery.Method 1. The phone will automatically send a message when the battery is low. This is a convenient method, although it does not always work. The main advantage is that the message will be sent before the battery is completely charged.Method 2. The most reliable method that will work on all Android smartphones. However, it will only work for one day. Therefore, you should reserve the possibility of reading messages for a little longer. Method 3. The battery will automatically decrease in volume. The reason for this is due to a malfunction of the battery. If the smartphone is charging, then this does not affect the battery, but if it is used for making calls or surfing the Internet, then it may affect the performance of the battery.Method 4. A more advanced method. But even with 4 minutes of work, the battery can be completely charged.Method 5. The most balanced method. With this method, the battery will automatically decrease in volume. If the battery is full, then the brightness of the screen will be automatically increased. In addition, the user will not need to read any messages.Method 6. Most users follow this method. However, there are some disadvantages, because all the methods described above will not work on all smartphones. Method 7. However, there is a way out of this, but for this method will take a long time. It is worth considering the possibility of sending SMS messages while using your phone.Method 8. Another way out of the fire, but you won't find it. Method 9. This method will help you track down the battery. But it is a little more difficult. The user is looking for a specific amount of information in the text field. Method 10. This method is more reliable, but it is also not very successful.Method 11. Another method that will help you find out the battery. Method 12. This method is more successful in showing which apps are actively running. But you still need to read the messages. Method 13. This method will work on all smartphones, but it is most reliable for a budget one. You need to pay attention to the messages sent before receiving them. Method 14. These messages are either not sent, or they were received. If you read them, you will see that they were read. Method 15. This method is more reliable, and